Posted by: Gideon | November 10, 2009

Cambodia with Kids: Palm Village, Siem Reap – an oasis.

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Siem reap

Palm Village

Siem Reap offers outstanding accommodation value – good 4* and 5* hotels can be found for really reasonable rates, but we chose somewhere quite different – Palm Village. Situated a bit out of town, Palm Village is a little oasis consisting of small simple bamboo rooms, a nice pool, beautiful gardens, and the most incredible food.  We paid well under $50 a night per room (we had two rooms),  and really enjoyed the place. Kind of rustic – the rooms have got a bed, a small tv and a bathroom and that’s about it, but we just slept there.

Siem reap

Palm Village - rustic rooms, beautiful gardens.

There were frogs hopping around the place (not in our rooms) that added to the feeling of rusticity. The main reception/hang out place had a pool table and was the centre of everything. The biggest triumph was the Khmer food – now for reasons that I still can’t figure out, Palm Village has a regular menu that doesn’t have any Khmer food – the food on this menu was VERY average. If one knew to order a few hours in advance though for the Khmer food, things were totally different. The food was simply sensational – whatever we ate off the Khmer menu.  I’d go there for the food even if I was staying somewhere else. The kids loved it – not too hot or spicy and quite different from Thai or Vietnamese.

Siem reap

Incredible flowers everywhere!

That same afternoon we headed for Angkor.

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