Posted by: Gideon | March 31, 2010

Mexico with Kids: On the Bus with a 3 year old.

I was amazed by the ease and comfort of bus travel in Mexico.

Bus lines offer various levels of comfort, and we found that first class was very comfortable, and luxury class was absolutely luxurious. We traveled from Morelia to Mexico City on a top-of-the-range bus, and it was way better than many business class airplane cabins. The amount of legroom was huge, and when it was time to sleep, the seat reclined almost into a bed – we might not have been lying completely flat but it was close enough. It was so easy with Gal who was three at the time – tons of room, easy to sleep, toilet on board – it was far better than travelling by plane.

I’d suggest to anyone planning to travel around Mexico with kids – don’t be put off by the idea of the bus – if the route you want is served by a luxury bus, it’s an excellent option.

PS These days I’m planning great family trips to Latin America. For more info on how I can help your family, visit here.



  1. Nice share… keep posting…

  2. My husband and I are planning on spending an extended time in Mexico with our baby girl who will be around 1 1/2-2 years old. Bus travel will be a necessity with our budget but I was worried about the safety factor. Did you use a car seat for your toddler? I am wondering whether we should bring one.

    • Hi Sammie

      We didn’t take with a car seat for the buses. Buses come in all categories and we felt confident in the higher categories about the safety factor. Our toddler was slightly older but not too much.

      I can’t even say for sure whether you’d be able to easily fit a car seat on the bus seats – sorry about that.

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