Posted by: Gideon | September 26, 2010

Turkey with Kids: Cakraz (Amasra)- A Black Sea Paradise. Beach, sun and no foreign tourists!

We very quickly fell into the rhythm of Cakraz.

We’d wake up to the sound of the waves right outside our room, and watch the very first swimmers of the day before breakfast. Breakfast was a typical Turkish breakfast – eggs, vegetables, yoghurt, bread, tea. After breakfast we would head for the beach and spend hours there – our kids would quickly find others to play with, in the waves and on the sand. Lunch would be either gozleme or fish or both, and then the afternoon would be back at the beach, or taking a nap, or spending some time catching up on emails in the internet cafe. Life seemed to slow down and we immersed ourselves in a typical Turkish beach holiday. At night the restaurants would be busy, people would promenade up and down, and the couple of bars would beckon. We sat at one of them and I had a “raki” – that Turkish anise flavored spirit that is white and turns cloudy when water is added.

Cakraz was a real highlight of our trip.

PS These days I am planning great family trips to Turkey. For more info click here.

Our balcony.

Cakraz Beach

Black Sea Swimming

Fish, fish and fish.

Rubber Ducky for sale?


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