Posted by: Gideon | October 1, 2010

Turkey with Kids: Amasya – day 2.

Our second day in Amasya was fun.

Copper market - Amasya

We decided to follow the Lonely Planet’s walking tour and so during the morning we visited a number of mosques, some really old from about the 13th century and we even popped our heads into a theological school, where many boys were head down deep in their Koranic studies but nevertheless seemed excited to see us. The mosques were all interesting and very different from each other. We wandered about the markets – and stumbled upon a copper market where the main item on sale seemed to be samovars and similar tea related utensils.

The boys really loved the museum – Amasya has a small but pretty good museum, and it even has one or two mummies – a bit macabre and creepy but Eitan (5) really found it interesting (and didn’t have any nightmares).  We spent time in our favourite ice cream cafe and for lunch I had a Tokat Kebab – a wonderful dish of eggplants and lamb. Tokat is a historical city not too far from Amasya – I had originally planned for us to visit but in the end decided against, for this trip anyway.

We were very impressed by the Migros supermarket in town – as good or better than anything we have in Vancouver, and such a great outlet in a small provincial town is just another sign of the fact that Turkey has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades.

We were leaving Amasya later in the day, and our hotel very kindly allowed us to check out late at no extra charge. I’d recommend our hotel to anyone planning a trip to Amasya.

In summary – was Amasya worth it? yes, undoubtedly, for its small town ambience and very pleasant surroundings. The only drawback was the heat – it was incredibly hot and we didn’t  see anywhere suitable for swimming, despite the fact that it is located along a river.  It is probably a better idea to visit central Anatolia in spring or fall.

PS: These days I am planning great family trips to Turkey. Click here for more info.

Mosque interior - Amasya

Koranic School

Calligraphist - Amasya



  1. Wow, I’m very impressed with that calligraphist photo. Such perfect handwriting!! But then again, that’s what they do… lol. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

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