Posted by: Gideon | April 12, 2011

Colorado with Kids: The Durango Railroad

All aboard!!

We continued to the fourth and final corner state of the Four Corners – Colorado. Our destination was Durango – a “western” town with all the trappings of modern life – malls, tons of motels and very busy. The reason we were here was to catch the Durango-Silverton train, one  of the last remaining steam trains running in the US. Train buffs flock here in summer to ride the rails and imagine life as it was  in the old days.

The train indeed was a lot of fun – the kids enjoyed it and the ride was was pretty lengthy – over 3 hours long. The route was dramatic, and the train actually stopped along the way to pick up and drop off hikers heading into the mountains. Silverton is tiny, and exists for tourism. Worth spending, maybe, an hour at most. We caught the bus back to Durango – more comfortable and much quicker than the train. Another three hour train ride would have been too much that day. Back in Durango, we were in time for the Rodeo – it turned out to be a lot of fun, especially seeing how excited the local people were about it.

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Silverton - they had a sense of humor in the olden days.

Rodeo Time


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