Posted by: Gideon | May 18, 2011

Utah with Kids: An oasis in the desert – Lower Calf Creek Falls.

Nothing can prepare you for the feeling you get when you finally reach the Lower Calf Creek Falls.

We’d driven on Highway 12 from Capitol Reef National Park past the town of Boulder through the Grand Escalante National Monument to the turnoff for Calf Creek. It’s a six-mile round trip hike, which may sound a lot, but even Eitan, our four year old, managed most of it just fine.  It was pretty warm, but mostly flat.

Eventually, we heard the sound of falling water, and finally came to the huge falls, a most magnificent site. There were a few other families there, and we changed into our bathing suits and plunged into the big pool at the base of the falls, while the little kids played on the “shore”.

After a hot hike, this was pure heaven. I’d rank the Calf Creek Falls as on of my best places in Utah and the whole of the South West United States!

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Hiking to Calf Creek Falls

Brown changes to green as we get closer.

Finally! The Lower Calf Creek Falls!

In the middle of the desert - Believe it or Not!


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