Posted by: Gideon | May 18, 2011

Utah With Kids: Bryce Canyon National Park

Prairie dog, Bryce Canyon N.P.

Bryce needs very little introduction. Together with the Grand Canyon, it is an icon of the South West, and features on every itinerary.

It’s a small park as Utah parks go, and can be seen in one day – in fact, we saw it in a morning. It is beautiful, with amazing scenery that I’ve never seen elsewhere, but at the same time, it draws huge crowds. It was literally packed with people, and it made me think how lucky we were to have seen other, perhaps less famous sites, but still wonderful, where we were either the only ones or part of a very small group of people.

The kids enjoyed it – we took a guided hike and as usual in the National Parks, the ranger was excellent. I’d say, if you have the chance, take a guided tour whenever you have the chance to do so in any US national park. We especially loved the prairie dog colony we found by chance!

Bryce is amazing – but it feels a bit theme-parkish. Of course it’s not, but the crowds make it feel that way. It’s probably a lot better to visit out of season.

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Made it to the top! Hiking Bryce Canyon N.P.

A world of stone needles - Bryce Canyon N.P.

Solitude at Dawn, Bryce Canyon N.P.



  1. Love the pics! I was just there with my kids last summer! I agree the crowds take a bit away from the beauty since it is very distracting, but what a great place to visit. How awesome to have stumbled on the prairie dog colony, too!

    • Thanks Jennifer. I guess I was a bit too tough on Bryce – it’s an incredible place! I just wish there had been fewer visitors.

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