Posted by: Gideon | May 27, 2011

Four Corners with Kids: Closing the circle.

Majestic Zion N.P.

From Bryce we had just one more stop. We were going back to Zion N.P. for a final night before heading home.

Zion was great, again. This time, we didn’t attempt any vigorous hiking. Rather, we kept to easy walks visiting Weeping Rock, (which we felt was eminently missable), and hiking to Emerald Pools. The trail was busy, and the pools were even busier, but still a lot of fun. That was it. We went back to our hotel , relaxed and took it easy. It had been a very busy and tiring few weeks but an incredibly memorable trip. The following day, we headed to Las Vegas airport for our flight home.

Hiking under a waterfall to Emerald Pools

I learned plenty on this trip. We’re a family that loves to explore, and we fly around the world to do so. But I learned that the South West USA is one of the most exotic places I have ever been to. Culturally, the Navajo Reservation was as different from our regular life as any country I have traveled to, but most of all, the landscapes of the South West are so awe-inspiring that they are simply unforgettable. In the space of just a few weeks we visited 8 National Parks, 3 National Monuments, 1 National Historical Park and 1 National Recreational Area! While I am not quite sure what the difference is between all these categories, I am sure of one thing – they were all fantastic places to visit.

And is it good for families? Absolutely. Our kids loved it – exploring the ancient ruins, hiking in the parks, swimming in the water holes – everyday was a new adventure. It is a fabulous part of the world!

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Emerald Pools, Zion N.P.

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