Posted by: Gideon | July 7, 2011

Australia with Kids: The Blue Mountains

Hiking in the blue mountains

A couple of hours away from Sydney are the Blue Mountains. We went there on a day trip and it really is an escape to the great outdoors. The Blue Mountains are so called because of the bluish haze that the gum trees give off in the heat.

We visited on a hot summer day. The highway traffic was terrible leaving Sydney and all the way into the mountains, which are a huge local tourist attraction. They’re a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are little towns scattered around, and many famous viewing sights.

We spent most of the time in the area around the towns of Katoomba and Leura – hiking, and taking a very steep railway into the gorge. Ther re some very fun attractions, such as the railway at Katoomba that takes you into the Gorge at almost a 90 degree angle, and the cable car.

Most definitely, a hike is my #1 suggested activity at the Blue Mountains. We found the towns and the

“major viewpoints” really very busy.

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"Vertical" railway into the Gorge - Blue Mountains

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