Posted by: Gideon | May 11, 2012

The Great American Road Trip

Road trips – the quintessential North American family vacation

It’s that time of year where summer vacation becomes front of mind.

For the past few years our trips have been to very exotic and far off places – Myanmar last year, and in 2010 we travelled a lot – Turkey and the Republic of Georgia spring to mind, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that this year the kids have been asking for a road trip to California. Not exactly in the same category as Myanmar! But perhaps they just want a break from the exotic for once. So, it seems like we’ll be piling into the van and driving from Vancouver to San Diego and back over the course of a few weeks.

We do actually love road  trips. Our last was in 2009 when we spent a few weeks exploring the Four Corners region in South-western USA. So, this is a good thing and an easy one to plan – in fact, we aren’t going to do much planning at all, and just take it as it comes along the way. The Oregon Coast, Crater Lake National Park, San Francisco, LA, San Diego and lots in between.

As for me, a dad who loves to travel and see the world, the kids’ choice this year might have come as a disappointment. We discussed South America, going back to Asia and more, and yet, one of the most important things about traveling as a family is for the whole family to be on board and excited and importantly, parents should be listening to the input of their kids.

I know it’ll be a really fun trip – lots of beaches, some theme parks (I am not a theme park lover but they want to go), some National Parks, some hiking and exploration.

So my thoughts are already shifting to December or even next April. Front of mind are two possible destinations – either South Africa – we always love going there and it’s time for the kids to have a real African safari experience, or Colombia.

I’ll keep you posted!



  1. Hi Gideon,
    I love reading your blog! We are planning a trip for one year to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Israel, and parts of Europe. We also have three kids- all under the age of 6. Yes- we get the gaping looks too! I am curious whether you recommend travel insurance for health. if so, is there a company that you like? Also, did you ever end up taking the malarone? Any side effects?

    • Hi Lauren
      What a great trip!! I always take out travel insarance for my family – people do get sick and you’ll need medical help sometimes. I don’t have a favorite provider – it’ pretty much a commodity so find the one that suits you and your pocket best. We have taken malarone in various locations – my kids never had any side effects. But it’s expensive so make sure you actually need it. Locals are often the best people to ask.

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