Gideon Nurick trained as an archeologist and has always had a passion for travel. He is cofounder of Quivertree Family Expeditions Inc. (http://quivertreeworld.com), a company specializing in custom designed family travel to exciting destinations.  He’s  been all over the world, but now with three young kids in tow it’s not quite as easy as buying a ticket and heading out. Every expedition is tried and tested with his own kids!


  1. As a father of two young kids, I find your blog informative and interesting. Thanks for all the nuggets of information. My parents are from Kerala and I am making a trip to Kerala with my wife and kids. The last time I was there was probably over 30 years ago.


    • Hello there
      Thanks for the comment. I did not mention it in the blog, but while we were staying in Varkala there was an extended family staying at the same hotel – the grandmother had left India in the 1950’s and now she was returning with her kids and her grandchildren. It was really special to see them enjoying themselves so much.
      It’s such a great country for all ages.

  2. What an interesting blog!

  3. Family Travel Forum loves your blog! I would love to talk to you in regards to working together to link our websites. I am the Associate Editor at FTF; please get in touch!

  4. Hello,
    We have just launched a new initiative called KIFKEF. You can check our website for more information:
    We offer day trips for the 9-15 years old with sports, adventures and fun. We pick-up and drop back the children
    from several meeting points in Israel. We offer days such as: deer park, zipline and omega, aintball, trekking etc

    Many thanks


    • Cynthia

      What a great idea – first time i have come across something like this! Good Luck!

  5. Hey, I work with the CheapOair travel blog (cheapoairtravelblog.com) and we’re interested in having you guest blog for us. Please contact me if you’re interested. Thanks! Aldo.

  6. Congratulations!!!

    You are living your dream, showing the world to your kids.. Keep up the good work.
    And thanks for sharing you experience.

  7. We are going to Karnataka and Kerala with twin four-year olds and your blog is an inspiration. Could you by any chance share with me who your travel agent was who organized that great car and driver when you visited Southern india? It sounded superb?

    • Hi Catherine

      Thanks for the great comment! India is such a great place to take kids to as you’ve read. I’ve emailed you with some more info.

  8. Gideon: I have a 10 year old son. I am trying to decide between going to Italy next summer (Rome, Florence, Venice) or Turkey (Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Antalya, gullet on the Mediterranean). We did Paris and London last year and he loved it, but Turkey is very, very different. I can’t tell whether you’ve done Italy with your family, but what do you think? Thanks so much. Bruce

    • Hi Bruce

      Thanks for the question.

      Italy is great, no doubt about it, but essentially, not all that different from other Western European countries as far as the essentials are concerned. Friendly people who love kids, so it’s a good bet for sure. Bear in mind that Rome, Florence and Venice are huge tourist destinations, and in summer time if it were up to me I’d probably consider other somewhat quieter parts of Italy instead.
      However, Turkey gets my vote! The people are incredibly warm and the travel experience is completely different- its exotic but comfortable at the same time, and you really get the feeling that you are in a totally foreign part of the world. The food is a taste sensation that my kids couldn’t get enough of. My daughter, who is quite a fussy traveler, found visiting the mosques enchanting, while my 10 year old Daniel really enjoyed exploring the towns and cities. Istanbul is fantastic, Cappadocia unique and a gulet trip is really special. But I’d reconsider Antalya – rather stay at one of the smaller resorts not too far away, such as Cirali near Olimpos.

      all the best

  9. Our vote is for Turkey, too. We took our kids on a 3 week trip there when they were 16 & 14. We visited all the places you mention (and agree with Gideon about Antalya!) It seemed to us that the best historical sites are definitely in Turkey- our kids never tired of any of them. Admittedly, we had an excellent, entertaining local guide.
    Pippa & Ben

    • Thanks Pippa and Ben for the comment. Turkey is amazing – we love it. Before we went to Burma, my vote to the friendliest people that we had met on our travels went to the Turkish people. Having been to Burma now, it’s a photo finish!

  10. Thank you for the fascinating blog on Burma. We are about to take our two very young boys (aged 1 and 3) there and it is so good to hear positive feedback about travelling in Burma with children.
    I have read all your blogs.. and taken a lot of your advice on board. Given that our children are a lot younger than yours, do you think it will be easy to travel around Burma with them?
    I’d really appreciate any further tips you have, although I think you have probably covered everything in your blog!
    Thanks again
    Mae (UK)

    • Hi Mae
      Great to hear from you.
      My kids were older of course, but I have travelled to many countries with them since they were each 3 months old. I don’t think Burma is particularly difficult with young kids – but be well prepared. Personally, with such young kids I would try arrange as much as possible beforehand – it is no fun looking for accommodation or transport at odd times of the day or night. If you have a car and driver, you should take with your own car seats for the kids. Take a stroller and baby backpack as well. Lots of wipes and hand sterilisers would be a good idea as well as some good medical supplies. One place you do not want to visit in Burma is any local hospital. Clinics for expats are good. But otherwise it should be fine. Burma is much cleaner thann say, India, and the people are always incredibly helpful and friendly. Feel free to email me directly for more ideas.

  11. Thanks for the hard work. we are just transitioning for a two year trip to africa. great tips for traveling with little ones.

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